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What Is The Correct Order of Products For Skin Care?

What Is The Correct Order of Products For Skin Care?

Have you ever wondered in what order to put skincare products on your face? Use this step-by-step guide to get the best results.

Rules Of Thumb For Layering Skincare Products

1.Thin before thick

Thinner, more liquid products like toners and serums absorb faster. So they should be used before thicker products like lotions and creams.

2. Water before oil

Facial oils and heavier creams create a layer on the skin and sit there longer. So they should go before water-based products like a vitamin C serum or a hyaluronic acid gel.

3. SPF is always last

Sunscreens with SPF protect your skin like a shield. They are the last thing you put on in the morning. 

The Correct Order to Layer Specific Skincare Products

Step one: Cleansing

Why: Cleansing always comes first. It is the most important step in the whole skincare routine. Without proper cleansing, other products and treatments will just not penetrate and work well. 

Moreover, cleansing prevents excess oil production, which can lead to acne and blackheads. 

How to: Apply a handful of the cleanser to your skin. Gently massage to dissolve makeup & impurities. Finally, wash it off, or wipe it with a wet cloth.

Pro tip: Cleansers with active ingredients (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid) might be too strong for daily use and cause irritation and dryness of the skin. 

For your daily cleansing, use an oil cleanser. Or a gentle cleanser

Step Two: Exfoliation (2-3x a week)

Why: This step helps remove dead skin. Unclogs your pores. And prevents acne.

How:  Use an acid exfoliant. Glycolic acid is strong and will give you quicker results.  Lactic acid is milder and better for sensitive skin.

Pro-tip:  If you have never used chemical exfoliators before - start slowly. Play with how much product you use, how long you keep it before rinsing, and how often you do it. 

Step three: Toner (optional)

Why:  Toners get rid of any last traces of dirt stuck in your pores after you wash your face. 

How to:  Immediately after cleansing, saturate the cotton ball or a cotton round with toner. Apply to the face and neck in a circular motion for a minute.

Pro tip: Look for an alcohol-free toner so it does not dry your skin. 

Morning Evening
Foaming Cleanser Foaming or Oil Cleanser
Acid Exfoliant (2-3x a week) Acid Exfoliant (2-3x a week)
Toner (optional) Toner (optional)
Vitamin C Serum Retinoid serum
Eye Cream (optional) Eye Cream (optional)
Oil-free gel with
hyaluronic acid
Cream-based with
collagen peptides
Sunscreen with SPF 30 or
Face Oil ( optional)


Step Four: Serums

Why: Serums contain super-concentrated active ingredients that do much of the work to improve the appearance of our skin.

How to:  Apply product to the face and neck – with your fingers, or drop directly on the skin. Gently massage it in. Let it absorb and continue with your skincare routine

Pro tip: For the morning, use a Vitamin C serum. It naturally brightens the skin and gives you good pollution protection.

For the evening, use a Retinoid serum. It is a must-have product for people with dark spots, acne, and wrinkles, or fine lines. 

Step Five: Moisturizer

Why: Hydration is necessary for all skin types. And moisturizers work as a barrier, protecting our skin from environmental damage. They also prevent dryness and excessive oiliness. 

Eye creams are targeted moisturizers that help eye bags, dark circles, and crows’ feet. 

How to: Use moisturizers twice a day. Apply a light layer of moisturizer after your serums on the face and neck. Let it absorb.

Pro tip:  In the morning, use a light Oil-free gel with hyaluronic acid. In the evening, use a richer Cream-based moisturizer with collagen peptides.

Step Six: SPF (use in the morning):

Why: Studies show that 80% of age signs are related to sun damage. Sunscreens help prevent dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. 

How to: Put on your face and neck as the last step of your routine in the morning.

Pro tip: Use mineral-based sunscreen - it is safer for your skin and the environment. 

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It's not just about what skincare products you put on your face. The order of application is also crucial for products to be effective.