We the Open Formula!

We make ultra clean skincare for the health-conscious. The faster we move to a non-toxic future, the better.

What’s in your skincare?

American women today are exposed to 168 chemicals every day with skincare and cosmetics. American men 85. Many of these chemicals are known to disrupt hormones, cause infertility and cancer.

Transitioning the beauty world to clean living

We are proving that skincare products with minimal, clean ingredients can be more effective and more pleasant to use than traditional chemical-ridden products.

In 2021, we launched a new category of skincare products with ultra-short ingredient lists:

And a dozen other similar formulas to complete any beauty enthusiast’s skincare routine

Better results with fewer ingredients

By using high concentrations of functional ingredients, like retinoids, exfoliating acids and antioxidants in a minimal base, we are resetting the beauty world’s expectations for skincare that delivers results, eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals, and delights the skin.

The first 100% transparent skincare products

Great relationships are built on trust. And trust is earned with honesty and transparency. That is why we put the actual formulas on its product labels. So you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

We believe in green

We use clean and sustainable ingredients. Recyclable packaging. Products are vegan. And cruelty-free. The minimalist formulas take 50% less energy to make and minimize our carbon footprint.

We believe in fresh

We make the products in Chicago and ship fresh skincare directly to you. We do not use contract manufacturers, distributor warehouses and retailers, which add 6-12 months before products get to you.

Giving a damn

Treating people right is fundamental to how we work. We treat our clients as we want to be treated. We treat each other like close family.

We are always at your service. You can reach us at ask@openformula.com or at (312) 612-9698‬ (M-F 9am-5pm).

We are big on sharing

We write about how to have beautiful, healthy skin on our blog. You can find tips, tricks, ingredient reviews, and ‘everything skincare’ you need.

We are family owned

Impact over income – we prioritize customers and not investors. We are quick and nimble – customers ask for a new product, and we launch it in 60 days. We keep our prices fair – we don’t spend money on things that don’t matter and pass the savings to customers.

And we are just starting out

We are reinvesting all of our profits to develop new beauty products to accelerate the world’s transition to clean living.