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Why Men Don't Want to Talk About Skincare

Why Men Don't Want to Talk About Skincare

Women know without hesitation that great skin can unlock doors to self-confidence, better relationships, and general well-being. The same can’t really be said for men—not yet at least. In today’s age, skincare to men is still generally considered a “feminine” topic, lumped in with beauty and makeup. 

Or what if it’s not so much that men are worried about the stereotypes? What if they don’t think about it at all? All the same; an awakening is in order. The crux of the matter is that men, for the most part, don’t view skincare as basic hygiene. Of course, our moms all told us to shower, brush our teeth, clean the lint out of our belly buttons. But they didn’t really talk about how to properly care for our skin. 

Before we dive into why men aren’t blogging away into the early hours of the morning about skincare, let’s look at the situation as it is now. 

Do Men Care About Their Skin?

Actually, there’s evidence to suggest they do. Dove did a poll on men to get a sense of their overall relationship with self-care. As it turns out, 35% of the men were concerned about their under eye circles, dull skin, or general skin impurities. Compare this to the 30% of men of the survey sample who are worried about balding. Wait, isn’t balding supposed to be the No. 1 issue with their appearance? 

The numbers tell us more men are concerned about how their skin looks than we may think. And that doesn’t even touch on the more health-related skin concerns. So, we can say with confidence men are curious, at the very least. 

But Do Men Invest in Their Skin? 

The best way to tell if they’re really interested: where’s that paycheck going? A 2018 study from Mintel, tells us men ARE buying skincare—whether they’re vocal about it or not. The report shows that 84% of the men between the ages of 18-44 use some form of facial skincare. But according to Statista, only 37% of men are practicing skincare daily. 

Ladies, there’s still hope for them. Guys, we’re onto you. 

But We Still Haven’t Answered the Question: Why Aren’t More Men Talking About Skincare?

Perhaps it’s as simple as a fear of being “found out.” While the macho man might say properly cared-for skin is “gay” or simply not important to him, there’s nothing unmanly about looking and feeling good. 

It probably won’t come as a surprise, that women like to look at healthy, radiant skin. Studies show, attractive people make more money, have more sex, and get promoted more. And you better believe skin, especially facial skin, plays a role. There’s a reason they call the face the money-maker. 

Let’s look at it from another angle. You wouldn’t go two weeks without brushing your teeth, would you? But guys would go for days without washing their faces (the shampoo in the shower doesn’t count) But, for some reason, skincare was tossed into a vanity category some time ago, and it’s taking a while to right the record. 

Still don’t believe me, guys? Aside from looking better from the outside, there’s quite a bit that goes on under the surface when your skin isn’t getting what it needs...

What should men know about skincare? 

Aside from preserving your good looks, skincare will save you from cancer. 1 in 5 people in the US will get skin cancer by age 70. Statistically speaking, according to the CDC, men are about 40% more likely than women to develop skin cancer. While the impact may not be instantaneous, not using SPF properly is directly linked to skin cancer. 

As discussed in a previous episode, “Do Men and Women Have Different Skin?” men age much slower than women. I see you shaking your head now. But, like it or not, boys, we all age eventually. Men lose approximately 1% of collagen per year after the age of 30. By 45-50, it’s not smooth sailing anymore. So don’t wait for it to get too late.

What does basic skincare for men look like?

If you want to take the minimalist approach:


  • Facewash. Use a gentle cleanser (oil based or gel based) that doesn’t dry you out morning and evening. A cleanser a day keeps the pimples away.
  • Moisturizer. Apply a moisturizer that won’t clog pores twice a day to keep your moisture barrier in good shape - it’s your skin’s natural shield
  • SPF. Use every day, summer or winter, only in the morning. Should be the last step in your routine. Cancer aside, sun exposure accounts for 80% of aging of the skin and all related issues (wrinkles, dark spots, etc.)
  • If you want to step up your skincare game to 11:


  • Add an acid (glycolic, salicylic, lactic). Helps exfoliate the skin. You lose 500 million skin cells a day. Getting rid of them exposes fresh, better looking skin. And allows your other products to penetrate more so they work better
  • Add peptides & retinoid. If you want your skin to be in fighting shape - add peptides, retinoid. These support collagen and the skin turnover process, among other things. 
  • It’s not rocket science. A few good products is all you need to prep, preserve, and protect your skin from here out. If you want specific recommendations, ask one of our skincare pros.

    So gentlemen, I hope I’ve made you want to reconsider your relationship with skincare if you were skeptical before. You’re here, so kudos to you. And women, maybe now you have a conversation with your man, brother, or father to stop scrubbing his face with bar soap.