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Sleeping with Makeup On is Bad: The Best Way To Remove Makeup

Sleeping with Makeup On is Bad: The Best Way To Remove Makeup

Sometimes we're tired. Other times we just don't want to remove makeup before bed. But sleeping with makeup on is AWFUL. And we've got the solution - the best way to remove makeup fast and easy. 

Why Sleeping With Makeup On is Awful

One night of sleeping in your makeup won't really do much harm. But each night you continue to sleep in makeup means your pores clog more and more. 

A woman who used makeup daily did not wash her face for 30 days aged 10 years in that time. This is 4 months of aging for 1 day of not washing her face!

All the makeup, oils, dirt, and SPF sit there, building up on the skin and making deposits into your pores. This leads to acne. Blotchy skin tone. Dark spots. Deeper wrinkles. And a ton of other skin issues..

Here's the Best Way to Remove Makeup and It's Fast!

(only 1 minute)

Use an oil-based cleanser. 

Oil is a better solvent for makeup and SPFs compared to foaming cleansers. Plus, oil cleansers do foam. 

The Trick to Using Oil Based Cleansers

Do it Dry

Always start cleaning with a dry face and dry hands. Apply the cleanser with dry skin, then massage and rub the oil all around your face. The oil melts away sebum, makeup, dirt, waterproof mascara, and SPF. Keep massaging for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Then Add Water

After the dry melting massage, add water. Continue to rub your face. The oil now turns into foam. Massage for another 30 - 60 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly. 

The oil-based cleanser does double duty. It melts away makeup, dirt and oils, and aids in rinsing away bacteria and a day's worth of dead skin cells. 

So Fast. So Easy. So Do it.

It only takes a minute to thoroughly remove makeup and clean your face when you use an oil cleanser. Do it. Your skin will love you for it. And if you are wondering about makeup wipes vs. washing, read this.