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What Causes Under Eye Bags & How to Fix Them

What Causes Under Eye Bags & How to Fix Them

Getting rid of puffy eyes and under-eye bags starts with understanding what causes them. The puffiness and visible bumps under your eyes happen for multiple reasons.

Lack of Sleep

When your eyes don’t get a chance to rest, eye bags can quickly appear. Eye bags caused by lack of sleep happen because of fluid collecting under your eyes. Sometimes, this also includes blood - which causes dark circles in addition to puffy eyes.  


Allergies, especially during spring, can cause puffy under-eyes. Pollen allergies and other kinds of allergies cause swelling in your sinuses - directly under your eyes - which can create the appearance of eye bags.

Salty Food

Eating very salty food can encourage water retention, creating the appearance of eye bags. Drinking enough water can lighten this effect, but a long-term diet change will help have better results for minimizing eye bags.


As the skin naturally ages, it loses some of the support structures that keep it firm and supple. When it comes to the under-eye area, this creates the look of eye bags. Some skincare ingredients can prevent eye bags from looking as severe due to age by increasing collagen creation in the skin.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Getting rid of puffy eyes fast starts with using the right skincare ingredients and the right application technique.


Peptides are some of the best skincare ingredients to use when it comes to reducing under-eye bags. They’re able to target multiple causes of eye bags - lack of circulation, collagen loss, and hydration - for smooth, younger-looking under eyes. 

A fast-absorbing peptide eye gel delivers everything your skin needs to help reduce the look of puffy eyes. For a well-rested look. It also works to prevent eye bags caused by skin aging, strengthening this delicate skin from the inside out.

Eye Massage

When it comes to getting rid of eye bags, helping your skin circulate properly goes a long way. When applying your eye gel, gently tap it onto your skin using your ring finger until fully absorbed. 

This is a “lymphatic drainage” technique that encourages blood circulation and helps prevent fluids from building under your eyes and creating those dreaded eye bags.


Watch your lifestyle. And add peptide gel to your skincare routine morning and evening to reduce eye bags and puffiness.