Salicylic Acid

For blemishes & acne scars

100-day money back guarantee

Use for these skin issues

  • Blemishes
  • Acne scars
  • Clogged pores
  • Congested skin

Clear up problem skin. Decongest clogged pores. Get rid of black heads.

Fight blemishes. Improve the look of acne scars. Reduce shine & oilinless.

Real people real results

Open Formula

"Really helps with oily skin. My face is a lot more balanced now. Also, the blackheads on my nose are almost entirely gone"
- Sissy

Open Formula

"Adult acne is a bit$@. I'm into anti-aging but still dealing with occassional breakouts. The salicylic has been a godsent for me"
- Nicole

Open Formula

"It ended breakouts for me. I use the gentle cleanser, the salicylic and squalane to moisturize. It's done a great deal for my skin in 6-7 weeks"
- Danielle

Why Open Formula Is Better

Clinical strength
Rated "highly effective"
Minimal ingredients
Clean formula
100-day money back guarantee


50,000+ customers trust Open Formula

How salicylic acid works

  • Salicylic acid is unique because it can dissolve oil
  • So it’s ideal for problem skin, oily skin, black heads and clogged pores
  • It penetrates the pores and gets rid of the oily buildup to clear up the skin
  • It also gets rid of dead skin on the surface of your face
  • Salicylic acid is naturally found in willow bark

Why People Love Open Formula

Open Formula
Made & Shipped From USA
100-day money-back guarantee
Not tested on animals
No animal products used
Open Formula

100% Clean Formula

Safe for you and the environment

Minimal Ingredients

And fully transparent

The Formula
The exfoliant Salicylic acid 2%
The base Water 91% Sodium phosphate (pH adjuster) 6% 1,2-Hexanediol (moisturizer) 1%

Easy to apply

  • Apply on a clean face 2x a day
  • Put on a cotton round and exfoliate for 30-60 sec
  • Follow with a moisturizer
  • Use SPF every morning

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great for adult acne

I have every kind of acne possible (hormonal, cystic, Whiteheads, blackheads). Did many procedures, many trips to the dermatologist. Nothing else has made such a profound difference in the appearance of my skin. I’ve been trying to turn my skin around for a LOOONG time! this was the product that did it.

From congested to glowing

This transformed my skin from congested and reddish to calm, clear, and glowing in several weeks. I use it in the evening 3-4x a week. And always put SPF in the morning (because all acids make you more sensitive to the sun)

If you use it right, it’s great

I have dry skin, prone to adult acne and clogged pores. I was already on a prescription retinoid. My derm recommended adding salicylic to the routine. I picked this one because of the short ingredient list. This has to be applied on a clean skin, I use a cotton round to wipe for 1-2 minutes. DO NOT rinse it off. This is a leave on product.

May cause purging. It works!

If you have breakouts in development, this may push them faster to the surface. It happened to me in the first couple weeks. And I read up about it – it’s called purging. But after a few more weeks, it really cleared up my skin. Still getting few issues here and there, but my face is so much better. I started every other day, now I use it twice a day.

It worked for me!

Started seeing the first results after three weeks. And now my skin is looking much better – I’ve been using it for two months or so.

Only some improvement

I used it five time already and it has done very little for me.

Bad texture & dull skin. USE IT

I had to review this because it’s that good. Cleared up my very problematic skin. I follow with just argan oil to moisture. And use the Open Formula gentle cleanser. That’s my entire routine. Maybe the fact that all these products have very few ingredients helped as well.

My skin looks almost photoshopped

This stuff is amazing I used it just for several wks n I see so much of a difference in my skin it literally. Its is a solution for ur skin problems please give it a try. I look so much better on pictures now :-)