Bentonite Clay Mask

Make pores & acne scars disappear

100-day money back guarantee

Use for these skin issues

  • Blemishes
  • Enlarged pores
  • Problem skin
  • Clogged pores

Bentonite Clay pulls all the gunk from pores to make them shrink to their smallest size possible. Polishes your skin to give you a makeup ready surface.

This absorbent clay mixed with the lactic acid deeply exfoliates the skin to clear up your skin. Fade away the appearance of spots and pigmentation. Visibly reduces the acne scars.

Real people real results

Open Formula

"Saved my face. I had massive breakouts a month ago. This masked brought my skin back to normal"
- Missy

Open Formula

"Best thing that happened to me this month - when my skin gets red or irritated, it's the only thing that works"
- Angelicque

Open Formula

"It's like a really powerful facial. Makes my skin pulsate. And after it calms down, it looks amazing"
- Lora

Why Open Formula Is Better

Clinical strength
Rated "highly effective"
Minimal ingredients
Clean formula
100-day money back guarantee


50,000+ customers trust Open Formula

How bentonite clay works

  • Bentonite clay pulls out buildup from the pores to keep them clear
  • The alpha hydroxy acids in the solution used to mix the mask loosen the bond between dead skin cells that sit on the surface to remove them so younger, better-looking skin can show

Why People Love Open Formula

Open Formula
Made & Shipped From USA
100-day money-back guarantee
Not tested on animals
No animal products used
Open Formula

100% Clean Formula

Safe for you and the environment

Minimal Ingredients

And fully transparent

The Formula
The exfoliants Lactic acid 10% Glycolic acid 5%
The base Water 85%

Easy to apply

  • Combine the clay with equal parts of mud mask solution
  • Let it sit for a minute. Stir the mixture well to a smooth paste
  • Apply a layer to cover the skin completely.
    Remove by washing it off with warm water and a wet cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Shannon Davis
I really enjoy the clay mask

I have really enjoyed using the mud mask solution with the clay for my skin. I am turning 48 this year and I have never tried to take care of my skin before and I am glad I found open formula before i started trying all the other prducts out there. So far using the mask makes my skin feel softer, smoother, also my pores and wrinkles seem to be shrinking in size and less noticeable.

Like it

Never put on this type of mask before so I had to read the instructions carefully. Followed them to the T and was not disappointed. Gonna start using it every week.


Don’t think about it. For this price you will not regret a thing.

Awesome purchase

Wasn’t a fan when I put it on the first time. But the moment I washed it off and felt my face I forgot all about my skepticism. This is awesome.

Feels great

The way my skin feels after this is insane. It gets super soft and smooth I can even believe it. Don’t leave it on for too much and you will be fine.

Green goodness

Have you tried bentonite clay before? What are you waiting for? This is the best thing since sliced bread…

Five stars

This does the job in like 5 minutes or less. It does start to tighten up a bit at the end and there is some redness afterwards but it’s so worth it.

Dig it

Really like the mask but I can do without the solution. Just use some vinegar.

This is it

Bentonite clay - the holy grail of masks. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it do yourself a favor and go for it. Def not gonna regret it.

Up my alley

I know most people are averse to using masks because of the tightening effect, but I’m ok with it. This mask does have that effect but it’s really worth it in the end. Cleans the face properly and leaves it silky smooth. One of the better masks out there.