Why Men Don’t Want to Talk About Skincare

Women know without hesitation that great skin can unlock doors to self-confidence, better relationships, and general well-being. The same can’t really be said for men—not yet at least. In today’s age, skincare to men is still generally considered a “feminine” topic, lumped in with beauty and makeup. 

Or what if it’s not so much that men are worried about the stereotypes? What if they don’t think about it at all? All the same; an awakening is in order. The crux of the matter is that men, for the most part, don’t view skincare as basic hygiene. Of course, our moms all told us to shower, brush our teeth, clean the lint out of our belly buttons. But they didn’t really talk about how to properly care for our skin. 

Before we dive into why men aren’t blogging away into the early hours of the morning about skincare, let’s look at the situation as it is now. 

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