How To Get Rid Of Enlarged Pores

Discover Your New Skincare Routine

Just like you need different foods for a healthy body,
You need different skincare products for beautiful skin

If you are struggling with enlarged pores..

If they are making you self-conscious..

If they are prematurely aging you..

The right skincare routine will do wonders for your skin.

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The 3 Things To Do To Get Rid Of Enlarged Pores

Buildup in the pores stretches them and makes them look enlarged.

First, a good oil cleanser. That’s right, not a foaming cleanser. Oil dissolves best in oil. 

And don’t worry, it won’t make your skin oily just because it’s called an oil cleanser.

Use twice a day – morning and evening.

Dead skin cells that you shed every day mix with the skin’s natural oil and clog the pores stretching them out

To prevent the buildup in the pores, exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells.

The best exfoliants are alpha hydroxy (AHA) acids like glycolic or lactic.

Use every day if your skin can tolerate it, or at least 3x a week.

A clay mask is a super-cleaner for the pores.

Bentonite clay is is a highly absorbent type of clay that pulls all the dirt and grime from the pores.

When mixed with an acid-based solution (lactic or glycolic), you get double the benefit.

Use 1-2x weekly.

Discover Your New Skincare Routine

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