Get Glowing Skin With These 5 Skincare Habits

We’ve all seen it, and we want it––gorgeous glowing skin! These five skin healthy habits will give you a glowing complexion!

Skincare Basics: What is a Toner?

A cleanser cleans the skin. A moisturizer adds moisture to the skin. But what is a toner? Is it a workout for the muscles of your face? Not quite…

Skincare Basics: What is SPF and How Does It Work

Like it or not, the #1 factor in skin aging is unprotected sun exposure. Sunscreen is the protection you need. So just what is SPF?

What Is Hyaluronic Acid? And What It Does For Your Skin

Hyaluronic acid is a popular cosmetic injectable used for an instant facelift effect. But what is hyaluronic acid in the first place? Do you need it in your skincare routine? (Short answer: yes.)

What is Marula Oil and How to Use It

What is Marula oil? It’s an African-sourced oil with a history of use as a beauty oil. From antimicrobial to moisturizing, Marula oil powers healthy skin.

Skin Purging vs Breakout – How To Deal With It

Skin purging is real. And it is tricky to tell the difference vs breakouts. So here is our guide to purging and how to minimize it.

How to Improve Skin Texture

Here’s the truth about skin texture: EVERYONE has it and it’s 100% normal. Skin texture is natural, but you can still improve it.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask and What Type Is Best?

Clay masks deliver visible results for aging skin and acne-prone skin. Let’s get clear about how often should you use a face mask and what type is the best.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay & How To Use It For A Mask

Bentonite clay works wondersl for the skin. So what are the benefits of bentonite clay and what makes this mud mask different from just plain old dirt?

What is a Chemical Peel? The Benefits and Top Types

There’s a reason that chemical peels are the most popular treatment —they literally do everything for your skin. So what is a chemical peel, anyway?