Skincare Basics: What is a Toner?

A cleanser cleans the skin. A moisturizer adds moisture to the skin. But what is a toner? Is it a workout for the muscles of your face? Not quite…

Sleeping with Makeup On is Bad: The Best Way To Remove Makeup

Sometimes we’re tired or just don’t want to remove our makeup. But sleeping with makeup on is AWFUL. Here’s the best way to remove makeup fast and easy.

Exfoliators: Face Scrubs vs Acids – How to Choose Right

Is your face scrub, whether DIY / homemade or store purchased, damaging your skin? And what about face scrubs or acids, is one better than the other for your skin?

How To Double Cleanse Your Skin? Should You Do It?

To double cleanse, or not? How to do it? Let’s talk about the importance of cleansing and the 40,000 reasons why cleansing is so important.

How Often Should I Exfoliate: A Guide to Exfoliation

If NOT done properly, exfoliation can cause skin stinging, irritation and be extremely unpleasant. But used correctly in a skincare routine, exfoliants (aka exfoliators) can help with acne, get rid of dark spots, and smooth out wrinkles, bringing immediate brightness and glow to your face.

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